Our Approach

“We assemble the right team of experts to work in partnership with you on your unique business challenge and we don’t quit until you’ve achieved the results you engaged us to accomplish.”

"We guarantee that you will achieve the results we set out together to achieve. If your team delivers on it's commitments, we will continue working with you at no extra charge to the projected initiative, until you're satisfied that together we have been successful."

                                                             Chris T. Holland, President

We offer four engagement models

  1. Partner with you to create focus, build vital business solutions, and make your leaders successful
  2. Manage under your direction critical projects from beginning to end
  3. Facilitate must-be-successful planning, work-sessions, events, and issue-confrontation meetings 
  4. Provide expert advice on specific areas and/or specific leaders needing coaching 

We focus these engagements at the appropriate levels of your organization

  • Senior Management Team and Board of Directors meetings and off-sights
  • Mid-level leadership
  • Valued individual business and clinical leaders
  • Critical cross-functional and departmental teams
  • ​Key alliance planning and work sessions 
  • Organization-wide employee sessions​

What makes The Holland Consulting Group unique? 

​We go beyond just fixing the immediate problem or achieving a unique project goal. We ensure that the results we leave you with fit together with the multiple initiatives you have in place and within the fabric of your organization. We're not happy unless we can help you make the changes last and contribute to the overall success of your enterprise.

“I have spent my career responding to client requests to evaluate flaws in products or technology, only to find after thorough examination of their situation, that an organizational or political barrier was hindering their success.”
                                                           Harvard PhD Mechanical Engineer and Product Expert

“Why would we hire Bain and McKinsey to work on our strategy when we can get more seasoned consultants at half the price?"
                                                           Executive, Premiere National Health Insurance Company

We are riveted on your goals rather than our offerings

Most consulting groups provide a narrowly focused approach for solving a business problem. Leadership development firms see the answer in training or coaching, Management Consulting firms present strategic plans, Engineering firms make technical recommendations, and so on. Each approach presumes that your problem needs their fix, leaving you to deal with any other factors.

The Holland Consulting Group, by contrast, begins with your business objectives rather than with a presupposed solution. We assess your capabilities and create, in partnership with you, the right team of experts and the best approach for realizing your unique business objectives. At the same time we work side-by-side with your people, from beginning to end transferring our capabilities to them. We want to leave you stronger to meet the demands of the future. We consider all of what it takes to create the change you want, considering four capabilities needed for the success of your strategy, major initiative, or specific objective. 

We consider four leadership capabilities in meeting the challenge collaboratively 

A leader possessing four capabilities operating in sync can make a valuable contribution to any initiative and to the whole.

  1. Business Savvy
  2. Interpersonal Effectiveness / Influence
  3. Functional / Professional Expertise
  4. Systems Perspective in Action

Deficiency in even one of these four areas can throw off the rhythm of your initiative, team, and your enterprise.

A leader possessing one or two of these capabilities may contribute vital recommendations, information, or actions to an effort, but anyone missing more than one will be unable to fully ... 

  • Engage influential players in decision-making
  • Form collaborative solutions to complex challenges
  • Manage collaborative action towards achieving macro goals

They will always need to enlist the help of a translator, facilitative partner, or enabler to join in high level deliberation let alone guide it. 

We offer extensive expertise in all four of these leadership capabilities as needed

We can help you assess the power of the team involved in the engagement, take this assessment into account in approaching the challenge, buttress their effectiveness by filling gaps seamlessly, and help develop these capabilities while working on the initiative you've hired us for.

At The Holland Consulting Group

We want our customers to not only craft the right solutions but also to build their capabilities for making those solutions come alive in their organizations. We want to leave them stronger when we leave enabling them to meet future challenges with greater resolve, collaboration and know how.