Company overview

Founded in 2001 by Chris Holland as a Massachusetts S-Corp, The Holland Group is a network of senior consultants who bring a myriad of expertise for enabling the executive leadership of healthcare organizations, life-science corporations, and health technology companies ranging from start-ups to well established national and international corporations, to build results-focused enterprise collaboration for achieving strategic goals.

We work with

  • CEOs and Senior Leaders
  • Medical Leadership
  • Boards of Directors
  • Leaders of Strategic Initiatives
  • Alliances


To advance the speed and effectiveness of collaboration among senior leaders who have dedicated themselves to improving people's health and wellbeing and made a commitment to improving the effectiveness of the health and human services system itself.


To play where the action is.


Medical, Business, Scientific, Social Services, Engineering, Policy Development and other Executive leaders along with their Boards of Directors, senior teams, key committees, alliances, and associations. 


The healthcare arena consisting of Life Sciences, Delivery Systems, Technology, Care Management, Financing, Insurance, and Suppliers of goods and services. 

What makes us different?  

We help our clients achieve results by being riveted on advancing their business goals while leveraging their interpersonal strengths and navigating their interpersonal challenges.

Our Capabilities 

  • Board of Director, Executive Team, and Management Guidance and Facilitation
  • Strategic relationship building
  • Customer loyalty strengthening
  • Balanced Score Card / Performance Metrics Development
  • Strategic Initiative Management and Facilitation
  • Value-chain - Core Processes - Improvement 
  • Succession Planning and Executive Development
  • Customer, Physician, and Employee Satisfaction Surveys
  • Execution of Lean and Other Improvement Systems for Greater Performance
  • Board, Executive, and Medical Leadership Coaching
  • Professional Expertise as Required for Your Success